3/24/21 CHAT SESSION on Open Source Ecological Imagination

Making Ecological Imagination Open Source
A chat session with Jason Godesky
March 24, 2021
8-9 PM EST

Join us for a chat with one of the architects of The Fifth World, a speculative future world that is ecotopian, animist, and neotribal in spirit, and rendered through fiction, art, and a role-playing game. We will convene for an hour in the Chat channel in our Commons – find us there on Wednesday night to hear from Jason and chat with each other by text. This is the first of a regular series of low-carbon alternatives to video conferencing that we are planning; do get in touch with any ideas for future chats via collective@ecodesigncollective.org.

Here’s how Jason describes The Fifth World:

The Fifth World is an open source shared universe that explores a future where rewilding, decolonization, permaculture, and other such movements have succeeded. We imagine a world beyond civilization, when its collapse has become ancient history, and life revolves around our kinship with a more-than-human world. Imagining a world of restored biocultural diversity is beyond any single human brain, so we made it open source. The setting is a wiki that any of our members can edit or add to, the idea being that we would all imagine what such a future would look like in our own bioregions, and collaboratively we would begin to glimpse a better world.”

You’ll find much more about this speculative vision at the link below.