Join us for some Collective Brainstorming - April 7

The Ecological Design Collective has been taking some time off to think through core foundational values and organizational strategies. Something that started with a few of us in Baltimore wanting to think and work together on ecology and design has grown into a network of hundreds of good people here and all over the world. Our curatorial circle is keen that these conversations keep happening, that the collective becomes more of… a collective. We want to make sure that we are being intentional and mindful with regard to collective vision and agency. In pushing to create a diverse, open-source, value-driven space, we recognize the importance of building strong foundations and clarifying our vision.

Our curatorial team has been pondering some big picture questions and ruminating on key concepts. We’ve been asking ourselves what it might mean to become more truly a collective, and this is why we’d like to share some of these questions with you too.

A peek at some brainstorming that we did a few weeks ago

In that spirit, every other Thursday for the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some ideas and invitations for all of us to think on collectively. For this week, we thought we’d start by looking more closely at the three words that form the basis of why we’re here:

Ecological Design Collective

We would love for you to leave your thoughts via text, image, or any other media you find appropriate. Click on any of the words above to share what comes to mind for you. We encourage you to think as broadly (and whimsically) as you’d like.

On alternate Thursdays, we’ll host a small, intimate session to talk about what comes up. Join us at:“Chat%20Channel%20Meeting”

We’re very lucky and happy to have you with us on this journey. We hope to build a stronger community going forward that isn’t just a network, but really a collective.

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