SDP 2021-2022 Week 13: Welcome back

… And we’re back! With new faces in the mix.

Jan '22 - Tuning in from the Metaverse this week (well, Zoom) our team grew to include three new students. This week’s theme was bringing our new teammates up to speed, including reading the inspiring Op-Eds written by Lais, Burge, and Carlos. We then touched base on current initiatives (e.g. the survey circulating, positive feedback from MOM’s, things moving on the university side).

The major excitement of the week - aside from Greg and Shashawnda joining us for the last half of class - centered around movement in Hopkins administration and budget allocations from Baltimore city. Serious discussions among Hopkins leadership and faculty are on the calendar now, prompting discussions such as ‘how should a zero-waste facility function/look?’ and ‘what does the transition from city-owned to worker/community-owned look like?’ and ‘how can we ensure the timeline for this initiative is appropriate?’ These questions are a product of the movement we’re seeing, and our job now is to keep the momentum up and spreading beyond the classroom.

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