SDP 2021-2022 Week 18: A Big Step

In class, we reviewed the results of the petition. Bianca shared with us her data cleaning process and proposed ways for us to improve future surveys so the data obtained is cleaner from the start. We did a brief analysis of the data–most signees were students, and there were no signees from South Baltimore. We moved to discuss how we might share the results of the survey through different infographics and Elizabeth began working on a Canva graphic that we presented at Friday’s (03/04/22) meeting.

After discussing the petition, we shifted gears to brainstorm on a Miro Board, where we mapped the Wicked Problem of “Poor Waste Management in Baltimore.” We split up into groups to brainstorm issues in 5 different subcategories/subproblems: political/legal issues, economic/business issues, environmental issues, social issues, infrastructure/science/technology issues. We then split into 3 groups–Hopkins, Community, and Development–before proceeding to identify 3 stakeholders within our groups. We then imagined their fears/concerns and hopes/desires. For example, in the Community group, we looked at residents in Hampden, MOM’s, and apartment complex managers.

At the end of class, we reconvened and updated each other on our progress. We then asked a key question about our identity that we will continue to wrestle with: How can we utilize–leverage, even–our position here, at the university, to help catalyze change and get the Baltimore community involved in the city-wide movement toward zero waste? Finally, we wrapped up by sharing a collective, deep breath.


The Friday meeting brought great news! Hopkins administrators involved in JHU’s sustainability efforts informed us that Hopkins, as an institution, is willing to commit tonnage in support of the building of the local compost facility. This is a huge first step! Furthermore, sustainability admin explicitly took the stance of “we’re going to follow the SBCLT’s lead.” We are looking forward to what our continued work with the SBCLT will bring this semester and beyond.

Check out Elizabeth’s Canva graphic!: