SDP 2021-2022 Week 21: Looking Ahead

With the warming weather, we collectively begin to feel the temporal pressures of our project. In response, we spent this class defining the action steps and tangible goals for each of the groups, with feedback from Greg and Shawanda. Discussions of what is and is not possible within the current timeframe also brings up questions regarding what happens after this semester. Specifically, how do you ensure that a movement not only continues its legacy, but can be built upon with changing members?

The development track discussed replicating this project in the future, with a distinct vision for the physical infrastructure whereby communal composting and gathering could happen. The institutional track discussed establishing a robust foundation for our PLAN Chapter such that it can continue throughout the next year. In regard to my group, the community track, we discussed our goal of a tonnage pledge from the Rotunda, which would allow for ongoing community collaboration and a model for how to make composting accessible for a neighborhood through a community leader- MOMs Organic Market. In our case, Shawanda provided some strategic guidance. Specifically, how we could leverage the Hopkins pledge to get more commitments from businesses.

On the topic of longevity, we also discussed potential structures for next year’s sustainable design practicum class. Namely, the possibility of co-teaching the class with a community leader. Lastly, we talked about documenting what we learned and producing almost a meta-analysis for the process that we went through, which could start off as an introductory jumping off point for next year and changemakers in general.